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Variable speed control with soft starting motor features full time electronic feedback that maintains motor speed through the cut. Dual LED's and clea...

Quikrete Mortar Mix 40 lb.

Brand Name: Quikrete, Product Type: Mortar Mix, Package Size: 40 lb., Packaging Type: Bagged, Feature 1: Use for construction and repair of brick, blo...

Ice O Matic 9041105-01 Purge Valve

The Ice-O-Matic 9041105-01 Purge Valve 120-Volts is a genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement part. Ice-O-Matic is the premier manuf...

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Handy, works well surprisingly worth having.

We have nailed over 4000 nails and it has not jammed at all. This is easy to use, not heavy. Would highly recommend it.